Beeswax Food Wrapping

Natural Beeswax Food Wrapping

Keeps food fresh, naturally





Waxofix is a blend of natural beeswax, resin, and jojoba oil. This mixture restores the wax membrane of your beeswax wrap, making it formable and adhesive to ensure it keeps food fresh. This aromatic activity should take no more than 20 minutes.

Waxopack Beeswax Wrap keeps food fresh - use it wrap your pastries, cheese, fruit and veg or to seal your food containers. It should not be used to wrap raw meat or hot items, and it should not be exposed to sources of heat such as ovens, washing machines or dishwashers.

Waxopack can be stored in the fridge or freezer. After using, wipe with a damp cloth or rinse in lukewarm water. The wax membrane can be restored using the Waxofix mixture - follow the procedure on our website. When cared for properly, Waxofix has a life of at least 12 months.

Beeswax is antibacterial and antimycotic, so it does not release any harmful substances. It is biodegradable, so your Waxopack can be disposed of in your compost bin at the end of its life. It's easy to maintain - just gently wipe or rinse with lukewarm water. The Waxopack wrap can also be restored using the Waxofix kit when the beeswax covering has worn away.

The wax softens easily in your hand, making it easy to shape. A great alternative to cling film - by using the Waxopack wrap, you help reduce single-use plastic in landfill and in the ocean.

Combining natural raw materials and 100% GOTS organic cotton, Waxopack is breathable, keeping your food fresh for longer. You can use it to cover fruit bowls, pastries, and vegetables, to keep picnic food fresh or as a sandwich wrap.

Care Guide

  1. Cool the Waxofix mixture in a refrigerator for at least two hours.
  2. Place the Waxopack wrap you want to restore on a sheet of baking paper and grate the Waxofix evenly over the Waxopack wrap to at least 5 cm from the edges. The amount of wax needed will vary depending on wear.
  3. Using a second sheet of baking paper, cover the wrap with another layer of grated wax. Move a moderately hot iron over the paper, holding it about 5 cm away, until the wrap is evenly covered with melted wax.
  4. Remove the beeswax wrap from the baking paper while still hot. The Waxopack wrap will now be good as new, so you can continue to keep your food fresh and cut down on household waste.

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